15 Deadly African Predators in Action ???? Smithsonian Channel

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From lions to servals, these 15 videos take you up close with African predators in action.

0:00 - Intro to 15 Deadly African Predators in Action
0:26 - Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight
3:32 - Leopard Rockets Up a Tree to Catch Owls
5:03 - Angry Hippo Charges a Trespassing Lion
7:24 - Lioness Confronts a Trespasser to Protect Her Cubs
11:03 - 5 Lions Take Down a Giraffe
13:46 - Do Not Provoke a Mob of Angry Chacma Baboons
16:23 - Honey Badger Crack Open a Thick Ostrich Egg
18:06 - What Can a Puff Adder Snake Bite Do to a Rhino?
19:50 - Honey Badger Barrels Through a Sharp Thorn Tree for Lunch
22:21 - Leopard's Cruel Kill
24:23 - Vicious Lioness Rings the Dinner Bell after a Kill
26:28 - Lion vs. Lion
28:36 - Serval vs. Guinea Fowl
31:23 - Black Mamba Baby's First Kill
33:49 - Lioness Uses New Tactics to Take Down a Kudu

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