Addict Life | Ngawl vei ve mai maw ka lo nih? |Short Film

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A hmasain TFS chhungkua te chibai He Short Film Addict Life hi ngun taka i en chuan Drugs lo Addict dang kan phum ruk pawh i hmu nual chu kan tum pakhat pawh a ni.

He Film aṭang hian hei hi min hriat sak ve la kan duh "Endawngtu nih hi endawng nih ai chuan a ṭha a, Endawngtu nih ai chuan Hrethiamtu leh puitu nih a thlanawm zawk tih i hmu thei ngei ang. Ṭawngkam ṭhain sial a man upa ten an lo tih ang khan kan ṭawngkam khat hian thil a ti thei viau".... he thu hi min hriatthiampui kan duh e.

Special Thanks

LRS Hmar
Nu Tki & Family
Lazzy Ralte

Music - LRS Hmar - Suangtuahna -

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Hlimpuii -

Julie -

Video - Puia Photography

A hla te phal taka min hman tirtu kan ṭhianpa LRS Hmar chungah lawmthu ka sawi a, a hla mai bakah Backround Music te nen lam min khawihsak leh zel hi kan va lawm a kal leh zelna turah TFS hmingin duhsakna sang ber ka hlan e.

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