After the Empire - Right For You / Wrong For You (BoardGameCo Review)

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After the Empire comes straight for you. No really, it's coming straight to you, with no regard for your need to survive. Can your castle last 7 rounds? Or better yet, can it last better than your opponents? Does the idea of hurt, pain and suffering sound appealing to you? What if that hurt, pain and suffering are primarily coming at your opponents? Ultimately, is this game right or wrong for you?

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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:02:20 - Game Overview
0:04:40 - Theme
0:06:30 - Accessibility
0:09:20 - Gameplay
0:14:03 - Modes of Play
0:16:20 - Innovation
0:20:35 - Price
0:23:37 - Review
0:21:47 - Final Thoughts

Scoring System
5 - Great game. Period. It's in my collection. Obviously.
4 - Really solid game but for reasons X or Y, I'm just not willing to give it my top score. Almost always a game I'm adding to my collection.
3 - A solid game. May or may not enter/leave my collection depending on a number of factors such as other similar games, personal interest, people I play with etc. Sometimes can reflect a game's allure dropping over time.
2 - I'm either not the target audience, or too many issues with it.
1 - An arguably bad game.

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