Airstream Atlas vs Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Murphy Bed | Find Out Which Class B+ Is The Best

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We've pitted the most and one of the least expensive class B+ RVs against each other. Which will come out on top?

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At $200k the Airstream Atlas is one of the most expensive RVs that we've ever reviewed. It's jam packed with every feature including an air suspension and electric jacks. It's a mighty motorhome that is more expensive than many homes. The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder is one of the least expensive class B+ offerings in the market. Priced at just over $100k as reviewed it's a full $100k cheaper than the Atlas. But having loads of features and fancy bells and whistles isn't the whole story. The more humble Wonder can't compete against the Atlas' list of fancy standard features, but it does do some things much better than the Atlas. In the end it's going to come down to the basics: which has the better lounge, galley, bedroom and bathroom.

In all those categories the Wonder beats the Atlas. Starting with the lounge, the Wonder is both brighter and more practical. No it doesn't have a sofa with electrically extending footrests and a 40 inch TV that electrically pops up out of a pedestal. But it does have two comfortable chairs with an optional fold away ottoman and an ingenious table between them that doesn't need to be set up and taken down. The TV swings up out of its pedestal both faster and with less fuss. The Wonder's lounge is less glamorous but functions better as a lounge.

The same holds true for the galley. The Atlas has a strange placement for the stove, sort of in a corner and turned sideways. It's an awkward position. There's also very little permanent count space for prep work and a smallish window behind the sink. The Wonder has a much more sensibly placed stove which sits directly in front of you when you're standing at the counter. There's permanent counter prep space and a much larger window letting loads of light in. The Wonder's galley feels more open and airy because of that window.

Moving onto the bedrooms, both the Atlas and Wonder feature a murphy bed that drops down in the lounge. The Atlas has a slide out while the Wonder doesn't. However, the bed setup in the Wonder is more simple. You literally just pull the bed down and the chairs and table automatically fold themselves under. There's not pushing a button and waiting for a couch to lower and no mattress piece to put into place. That alone makes the Wonder's bedroom design a better one.

The Atlas' bathroom is a sight to behold: a cedar closet, teak wood in the shower and shower doors with inlaid LED lighting. It's stunning. While more humble the Wonder's bathroom has a nice fit and finish. What's better is that the shower has an enormous skylight above that let's a lot of light in and also gives you more standing height in the shower. Also the shower components are recessed into the wall giving you more elbow room. I'll take more elbow and head room in my shower any day over inlaid LED lighting an teak wood.

The Wonder isn't a premium class RV like the Atlas but it holds its own against it. It's design is fresh and modern with loads of windows giving it a bright and airy feeling. Materials and colors are light giving the Wonder a sophisticated look. There's no brushed metal ceiling and cabinet trim but then again you could buy both a Wonder and a Hymer Aktiv for the price of an Atlas.

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