All my Grounded videos from 2020

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Special Thanks to Creative Film for the Camera Green Screen Effect!

"Bet You Can", "Big Rock", "Disco Lounge", "Electrodoodle", "Exhilarate", "Hitman", "Life of Riley", "Local Forecast", "Motivator", "New Friendly", "Rocket", "Sad Trio", "Super Polka"
Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:12 Dora Gets Grounded
0:00:32 Dora Wants Ice Cream
0:01:12 Little Bill Misbehaves at McDonald’s
0:04:31 The Little Einsteins Hijack the bus
0:08:51 Dora Skips School to Play Cities: Skylines
0:10:19 Dora and Little Bill Ding-Dong Ditch Mr. Edgar’s house
0:13:08 Little Bill Wants Ice Cream
0:14:00 Kai-Lan Cheats on a Test
0:16:16 Dora and Little Bill Defy the Lockdown Drill
0:20:26 Dora and Little Bill Try to cancel SpongeBob and South Park
0:23:06 Dora and Little Bill Superglue Caillou’s Chair
0:27:16 Quincy pulls the fire alarm
0:29:31 June throws her textbook at Mr. Edgar
0:32:19 Little Bill Breaks April’s Basketball Trophy
0:33:41 Leo Misbehaves at KFC
0:36:21 Dora and Caillou Fight
0:37:46 Dora and Little Bill make a video out of Elena and Big Bill
0:39:37 Oswald Gives Mr. Edgar a Barney Error
0:45:00 Dora, Little Bill, and the Little Einsteins steal the Easter eggs
0:47:31 Diego and Alicia Babysit Dora
0:49:59 Dora goes to the Beach
0:52:09 Annie writes rude things in her Journal
0:54:05 Dora goes to school in a Costume
0:55:30 Leo gets Leo arrested
0:56:42 Leo Prank Calls 911
0:59:14 The troublemakers disrespect the Sub
1:07:19 Kai-Lan’s Animal Friends join the troublemakers
1:08:31 The Little Einsteins get in dead meat
1:12:34 Dora gets grounded on Mother’s Day
1:13:26 Oswald makes a Blue’s Clues Parody
1:16:43 Daniel robs a bank/Leo and Annie prank call 911
1:18:58 Kai-Lan gets arrested at School
1:21:49 Linny Pranks the Pizza Guy
1:27:18 Tuck, Ming-Ming, Dora, Little Bill, and the Little Einsteins bail Linny out of jail
1:29:49 Dora and Little Bill make fake report cards
1:33:43 Quincy brings an NC-17 movie to school
1:37:56 Dora Goes to Summer School
1:44:31 Lou goes to Summer Camp
1:48:33 Lou pushes Joanna in the water
1:50:00 Kenward breaks a window because of Chores
1:51:29 Lou, Kenward, Raven, and Rebecca go Skydiving
1:54:07 Annie Travels to the Real World
1:55:47 The Little Einsteins crash rocket into my house
1:57:17 Dora and Little Bill get fat at Burger King
1:58:40 Little Bill gets Bobby and April Arrested
2:00:12 June Gets me Banned from YouTube
2:04:53 Little Bill Beats Up a kid in Target
2:07:59 Raven Puts Richardo in his swimsuit
2:08:45 Little Bill hosts a Slumber Party
2:11:55 Little Bill Goes to Six Flags and Cuts in Line
2:14:54 Dora Salutes on Little Einsteins
2:15:50 Little Bill Goes to See a Movie
2:17:07 Dora ruins Elena’s Birthday
2:18:56 The Little Einsteins lock their parents out
2:22:42 Lou throws Samantha in the Trash
2:23:54 Lou calls Moxy Pinky
2:24:48 Raven gets rid of all the colors
2:25:38 The Little Einsteins make a video out of Daniel
2:28:34 The Little Einsteins Misbehave with their babysitter (V1)
2:36:44 Smile Away Serious Camp
2:42:34 The Little Einsteins rant on me
2:47:37 Quincy turns Daniel into a Kid
2:48:33 The Little Einsteins misbehave at the BTS sale
2:53:16 Dora Skips School on the first day
2:56:52 Little Bill Goes to the Bathroom just to use his phone
2:58:25 Lou, Kenward, Raven, and Violy curse in class
3:02:01 Dora and Little Bill skip an Assignment
3:03:41 Dora and Little Bill violate their Curfews
3:07:11 The Little Einsteins suggest Dora and Little Bill to rant on me
3:13:06 Dora, Little Bill, and Little Einsteins OS
3:17:54 The Little Einsteins get Grounded on Halloween
3:23:30 Clyde orders DoorDash at school
3:27:09 The Little Einsteins Shave Daniel’s Hair Off
3:36:26 The Little Einsteins get sent to Japan
3:38:40 The Little Einsteins escape Japan
3:45:45 The Troublemakers get everyone they know Arrested
3:56:35 The Little Einsteins ruin Raveena’s Birthday
4:00:00 Wubbzy and Daizy join the troublemakers
4:02:38 The Little Einsteins get their teacher Fired
4:19:27 Modern Caillou grounds Classic Caillou
4:20:03 Violy Travels to the Real World
4:22:12 The Little Einsteins misbehave at Black Friday
4:27:17 The Little Einsteins misbehave with their babysitter (V2)
4:34:18 Leo talks Back to Daniel
4:35:22 Smile Away Reform School
4:57:27 The Little Einsteins ruin my Concert
5:01:49 The Little Einsteins Max out Daniel’s Credit Card
5:05:26 The Little Einsteins Get Grounded on Christmas
5:09:15 The Little Einsteins make a Video out of Shaun Sullivan and the New Sunrise
5:15:21 Credits
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