Although Andrews 'does not run the upper house,' he'll get his extension

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Sky News host Paul Murray has contacted all 11 Victorian upper house crossbenchers to gauge their support for the premier's draconian state of emergency extension.

"The premier does not run the upper house," Mr Murray said.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Monday his government would seek to extend the state of emergency powers for a further 12 months, past the initial September 13 end date.

As it stands, the premier needs 21 votes in the upper house for the bill to pass, and currently has 18 which combines Labor and Green votes, with one of the Greens on leave bringing it to 17.

Paul Murray Live contacted all 11 crossbenchers with the majority saying the were against a 12 month extension, but most of them being open to the idea of a month to month extension.

Mr Murray said the premier's proposal of 12 months was an "ambit claim".

"Andrews will find a way to get this through the upper house. I would love to think that all these people could hold the line, but they have already told him what his path is; month to month extensions," he said.

"If he has to settle for that … he's still going to have an extended power that'll get renewed every 30 days to be able to put Victoria back into lockdown."
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