Boris is bringing the French apocalypse closer than ever. macron is cornering himself and dying

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Brexit fish tension flares up during the 'doomsday' crisis in France.
Boris is bringing the French apocalypse closer than ever.
BREXIT fishing tensions have French fishermen worried about their futures as they warn of an "apocalyptic" crisis.
France is blocking a post-Brexit financial services deal between the EU and the UK as it casts doubt on fishing rights in the English Channel. It occurred when French fishermen clashed with Jersey over access to the waters around Channel Island. Last week, France and Britain sent patrol boats to Jersey to monitor protests by French fishing boats. Tensions have risen since the Brexit trade deal was signed in January, with English Channel fishermen fearing the situation would worsen.
Arnaud Mille, head of sourcing for Demarne Freres, which is considered Britain's number one supplier, said in January that he and his colleagues "never saw a delay". like this before” when the supply chain broke.

He added: "It's the end of the world. We've lost 30 years."

Stephane Pruvost, chief executive of fish processor JP Maree, said he had suspended all imports from the UK and was trying to fill the gap in salmon and tweed orders from markets. such as Norway and Denmark.
“When you have fewer sellers, there is less choice in terms of price and sometimes quality,” he said. Right now, we have no other choice.
After fishing tensions between Britain and France, fish production in France became scarce and fish prices were also pushed up. great pressure on the French.

Pierre Haem, export manager at L'Argonaute, said he has spent more time tracking the paperwork than selling fish since the Brexit deal took effect.

"Sending fish to London used to be as simple as selling it at the end of the road. Now it's like sending fish to the planet Mars," he said.

The UK has reached a trade agreement with the EU, resulting in changes to the fishing quotas enjoyed by European ships in British waters.

The agreement ensures that 25% of EU fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred to the British fleet within a period of five years.
After that, annual negotiations will decide how catches are shared between the UK and the EU, and the UK will have the right to completely exclude EU vessels after 2026.

Despite the promise of more control over fishing waters, many fishermen in the UK are also outraged by the current situation as many struggle to sell their shares in Europe.

In Jersey, the Brexit trade deal has also led to major changes.
It gives Jersey sole authority over permits for all ships, but French ships with historic fishing operations in Jersey waters will continue to have access and may still outnumber other vessels. Jersey train.

The agreement replaced the Granville Bay Treaty - an agreement unpopular with some in Jersey because it allowed the French authorities to license their ships to fish in the island's waters.

The amnesty has now ended, meaning any vessel not arriving from Jersey must demonstrate a history of operating in the island's waters and receive a permanent license to continue fishing there.
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