Breaking News: LAPD Female Bomb Squad Blows Up Neighborhood PD Said She Did Right - Earning The Hate

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NOTICE: This video is to educate and satire at the poor performance of Government. This was caused by a multitude of errors. I worked a Bomb Dog in the Military for years. I have EOD experience. I find the errors funny because basic safety and common sense were not used.

I am not laughing at the injured people, (No One Died Luckily) because I know people will come here and imply that. People getting hurt is not funny. But the incompetence of Gov and the ignorant and foolish decisions they made is funny to anyone that knows better.

***First Big Mistake: Every EOD I worked with NEVER blew up shit unless it was too dangerous to move, so you HAD to detonate it. These cops moved it, loaded it, handled it and sealed it and decided to blow it up in a populated neighborhood, when they should have drove it to a safe unoccupied area. The reason you move it to safe area is shown by exactly what happened.

***Second Bid Mistake: If you compress explosives you get a bigger bang. That is why pipe bombs are capped and sealed on both sides for a big bang. If you don't cap it, it does not EXPLODE. Same theory with Pressure Cooker bombs, when you seal it and blow it, it increases force of explosion. These EOD and ATF idiots basically made a pressure bomb by sealing the FIREWORKS in a steel pot. Then when it blew up they act surprised. Gov should be held responsible for all damages and injuries and instead the MEDIA is blaming everyone BUT GOVT. That is what people should be upset about.

So I know the "OFFENDED CREW" will be coming here crying that I am making fun of people getting hurt. If you are too stupid to keep up, perhaps you should not be on a computer without Gov Supervision to keep you safe.

You just can't make this stuff up. Govt (Lapd, ATF) show up take fireworks from Pesky Citizen then Blows up the Neighborhood Injuring 17 people and then tell Press, they did everything right. smh

Remember this is same Gov that tells you only they should have Guns because they are trained and you don't need guns.

Here is link to footage I used:
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