Business Coaching and Mentorship for the Female Entrepreneurs - She Angels | Episode Four

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The She Angels investors surprise Melissa Scott and Ardice Farrow with coaching and mentorship by some of the top mindset and business coaches for female entrepreneurs. Watch this episode to see how the women entrepreneurs further develop their skills as small business owners with the support of other women in entrepreneurship.

In this episode of “She Angels” hosted by Actress Susan Anton, the winners are coached by renowned strategist Beate Chelette and social media guru Stephanie Uchima- Carney.

Are you looking to secure funding for your female-owned business? Did you know that female founders get only 2% of all venture capital funding? She Angels is global initiative of women who are on a mission to change that inequity by funding your creativity, inventions, and ideas.

If you are a for profit business and need funding – visit our website to receive your free download on 6 Ways To Fund Your Business
And if you are a female founded non profit that is helping women- you can apply for a grant at You can also become a member on the site to become part of our powerful group of altruistic women who are making a difference in the lives of underserved women.

If you are starting a business or need funding for an idea- SHE ANGELS is your community for funding resources to help you be successful. You can also listen to our INVEST IN HER Podcast for free on APPLE, Spotify, IHEART or wherever you listen to podcasts for phenomenal interviews with female founders and funders- providing information to help you with your business endeavors. Podcast links here APPLE SPOTIFY

The She Angels Series is produced by award winning producer Catherine Gray- an author, Tedx Talk Speaker and Founder of and Co Founder of Follow us on Social Media at SHE ANGELS
Catherine Gray- Tedx Talk Fund Women- Save the World

Hosted by Susan Anton
Ardice Farrow Melissa Scott

She Angel Panelist Investors:
Celia Z. Kahn
Kym Gold
Barbara Lazaroff
Catherine Curry Williams
Nicole Ehrlich
Senyon Kelly
Chef Cat Cora

Andrea Quinn
Stephanie Uchima-Carney
Beate Chelette

Director- Editor- Shutter Production Services- Will Gordh

Executive Producer- Celia Z. Khan
Producer Catherine Gray
Co-Producers Honda DTLA City of West Hollywood Associate
Co Producer Debra Smalley
Creative Director Jennifer Deal
Art Design IPK
Sponsors Attorneys Mishawn Nolan and Wendy Heimann
City National Bank
Special Thanks to the Kimpton La Peer Hotel
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