Camper Van Wilderness Adventure & Trail Run Day 4

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Camper Van deployed into Wilderness for a trail run to a secret hot spring!
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Cycling MTB Frame pump: UK:
Cycling Lights:(Trail 1000 and Vis 180 Pro)
Tubeless Tire Patch Kit UK:
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The 4x4 Delica camper van is all fixed up. All the bike rides have taken place. Now it is time to make my way back home. On the way back I find a since little spot to park the camper van for the night, and go for a trial run or hike in the Wilderness to find a secluded hot spring deep in the forest. This Trail was difficult but it sure got me thinking about how similar trail running and hiking is to cycling. I race against the sun to get back home. And talk with you a bout being an athlete. Are you an Athelete? Am I an Athlete? Ohh and the Camper van breaks down again about that van life.
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