Clawing Down Mephisto - Let's Play Project Diablo 2 Mod [Assassin Part 7]

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Time for more Project Diablo 2 Mod, Season 2 this time - over on twitch, we're going through with the Melee Assassin this time. For those curious, Project Diablo 2 is a mod for Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction that focuses mostly on end-game content, Quality of Life improvements, and a handful of balance changes.

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Diablo 2: Tools
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You can still purchase Diablo 2 (digital version) on Battlenet:
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There are multiple mods for either scaling or increasing the resolution, each with differing effects.

If you want to maintain aspect ratio (and have the intended gameplay experience), I recommend looking up the GLIDE mod, it requires some fiddling but maintains the most true experience.

If you want wide-screen or high resolution (views more of the battlefield than originally intended), then you will want to look up the D2 MultiRes mod.


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