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Zombie Escape on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Map: ze roof adventure v8f (1440p HD 60 FPS)
-IP » :27015
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GAMEPLAY MODE: Zombie Escape

Zombie Escape is a Source Mod that runs in CS, CS:S and CS:GO. The goal is to escape as a team (CT's) from the infected (T) that get randomly chosen each round. During the escaping attempt, random and fixed events may happen that reward special items to aid in pushing back the zombies. If the team succeeds in surviving, they win and the zombies are slayed.

* Map Info *

Harita Bilgileri / Map Info ;
Bu güzel harita'yı yaptığı için ''Color'' a teşekkürler.
Thanks to ''Color'' for this beatiful map.

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Dark Professional | Zombie Escape | [TR] ;

IP » :27015


Dark Professional | Zombie BIOHAZARD | [TR] ;

IP » :27015


Dark Professional | CS:GO Mod | [TR] ;

IP » :27015

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GAME Download Link:


My System:

- Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
- Motherboard : MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON Intel Z270 Socket 1151 DDR4 3800(OC)
- CPU: Intel Core i3 6100 @
- RAM: 8,00GB DDR4
- HDD : 1 TB
- SSD : 120 GB
- Graphics: GTX 1050Ti 4 GB GeForce Nvidia
- Monitors: ASUS (1920x1080@ 60Hz 1 ms)



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