Diablo 2 Blessed Hammer vs Smite #shorts #d2versus

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Diablo 2 Versus is a series where we compare builds and equipment. Have a pairing you want to see? Mention it in the comments, along with the archetype you're wanting to see it on.

Note, since it's a common misunderstanding:
These are comparisons of 'reasonably similarly equipped' characters. (Only "Near Best In Slot" not "Pinnacle" for reasons explained below)

In the case of "Build with X weapon" vs "Build with Y Weapon" they are identically equipped. With equipment geared towards demonstrating the weapon in question - so we limit things such as Crushing Blow/Critical Strike/etc. from off-weapon sources to below 25%, as this can cause some weapons to appear weaker/stronger than they are. (there will be build videos that cover more detailed "equipment combination options" for that type of need). This is kept this way for Class A vs Class B so you can translate comparisons across the shorts (ie - "Bone Spirit Necro vs Grief Zealot" will let you see how that necro compares to the Lawbringer Zealot as well, even if you just watch the Necro v Zealot video and Lawbringer v Grief Zealot video)


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