Diablo 3: Secret Cow level - Immortal Throne

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How to find it:
Act 3, Sescheron waypoint, go into Elder Sanctum, find Immortal Throne, voila!

I had people in comments check it on PS3 (so probably applies to X360 as well). The event is not available on "old-gen" consoles.

Some say you need the Staff of Herding, some say you don't (I had it on me, just in case). EDIT: You don't need Staff of Herding, checked with my seasonal toon now!

Also, disregard difficulty, I just picked a non-season char without amulet and leg gems with wrong skills and all, just wanted to check it.

Kudos goes to leon0king:

Sadly, the level is kinda lackluster, no chests, not even bosses.
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