Don Diablo - Don't Let Go ft. Holly Winter | Official Music Video

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FUTURE by Don Diablo is OUT NOW! Download/Stream the full album HERE:
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This is a special song for me as it's the first single of my forthcoming album which I have been working on for almost two years. I have made many records aimed at the dance floor the last years and I feel "Don't Let Go" is the perfect combination to flip the script as it's turning a corner in my production but at the same time it's still got a lot of my signature sounds. Even my Mom is playing the song on repeat, so I guess that must be a good sign! Hope you guys enjoy this remember: Everything you can imagine is real!

Directed by: Patrick Van Der Wal
Animation: Erik Middendorp & Jurre Bouhuijs
Executive Producer & Concept: Don Diablo for Hexagon Film
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