Don Diablo - You Can't Change Me | Official Music Video

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Don't try this at home! This single is one of my personal favourites on my upcoming album FUTURE because it has all the trademark Diablo sounds but at the same time it felt like I made something that will keep pushing things into the future. I originally made the instrumental inspired by watching sci-fi films like "Interstellar" and the old Star Wars trilogy. I premiered the song during my Tomorrowland set this year and it's been a fan favourite ever since, so I am excited it's finally out for the world to enjoy!



24/7 you keep stressing me
To do the things I don't want to do
Or be something I don't want to be

You can't change me
Or rearrange me
Don't waste your time
Baby, can't you see
That you can't change me

Directed by: Patrick Van Der Wal & Erik Middendorp
SFX: Erik Middendorp
Producer: Thomas Pieket Weeserik
Executive Producer: Don Diablo

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Don Diablo - You Can't Change Me | Official Music Video
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