Fagradalsfjall apocalypse

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Apocalyptic views from Fragradalsfjall volcano, Geldingadalur and Natthagi valleys, Iceland. Filmed by me. Did you know that American bomber Liberator crashed into Fagradalsfjall volcano during II World War in 1943 (Nov 2) killing the commander of US forces in Europe (who at that moment commanded US armies in war with Hitler), famous US general Frank Andrews died along with the crew of 13. Now lava is almost reaching their be an omen of war involving US forces in Europe? 1943 was the darkest year of the 20th century.

Here is article about this general who crashe at Fragradalsfjall volcano in 1943 -

Filmed by me on for April 20, 2021. Volcano expedition no. 5. This had been the easiest trip of all. Weather had been fabulous, sunshine, no rain. Easy hike. The hike also had become shorter because lava went over the trail and one can't walk as far as last time. The volcanoes got much bigger in size. The most activity is observed in 2 middle volcanoes close to the oldest one. There was incredible amount of people at the eruption site. When we had been approaching a car on the way back, there had been an earthquake of at 23:05 centered km north east of Grindavik (volcano area). Quite strong ground tremours, pretty scary. As a result the alarm went on in many cars. Tons of interesting lava videos filmed which I ll be uploading next 2 days.

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