Fergie from Carts of Darkness Compilation and Memorial Video w Production Stills and Carts Scenes

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Fergie passed away in December of 2019 from alcohol-related complications to his guts. Fergie was always reading when I found him, usually cowboy novels. He was a roadie for some bigger bands at one point but alcohol took that away. This video is a Fergie compilation of scenes from the documentary Carts of Darkness mixed with production stills. I'm currently making a Carts of Darkness with directors commentary. Since Fergie has passed, I have Big Al telling some stories of him. I can tell you that Fergie never had his new apartment furniturized as he abandoned it a week later to be back in the bushes with the skunks. (The timecode on the screen is because it's an old edit with no soundtrack. That way no copyright claim on music)
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