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???? Rules⛔️:
These rules are put in place to ensure everyone has a super enjoyable time in the stream, please abide by them. Failure to do so could result in a timeout/ban from the Mods which will be effective on my whole YouTube channel, not just Streams.
☼ NO bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat.
☼ DO NOT type in all CAPS or spam the chat.
☼ DO NOT post links, advertise or self-promote.
☼ DO NOT post spoilers to a game, TV show or film.
☼ DO NOT use excessive language.
☼ DO NOT backseat mod, let the mods do their job.
☼ DO NOT argue with the mods, if you have any issues with any discipline put in place contact me or any Mods on the discord server.

???? Donations:
If you would like to donate to support me (which I would be forever grateful for!!) you can send them to this link (100% supports creator):
Or you can choose to send a superchat , which you can do by pressing the "dollar" sign by the chat on your screen (70% supports creator, 30% to YouTube).

???? Commands:
These commands can be used in chat, if you type them you will get the links.
!discord - Discord
!donate - Donations
!fb - Facebook
!ig - Instagram
!join - YouTube Members Join Link
!origin - OriginID
!snap - Snapchat
!tumblr - Tumblr
!twitch - My Twitch
!twitter - Twitter @



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???? My Other Channels:
Life Of Lauren:

???? Come join the discord server we have for the channel, you get notifications for videos and ability to take part in channel events:


???? Business enquiries:

Please contact my business email - misslollypopgaming@


???? FAQ'S❓:

For any questions please head over to my Tumblr:
If anything isn't answered here use the 'ask me anything' feature on tumblr and I'll get back as soon as possible ????


???? Social Media????:

Following this link will lead you to a list of social networking sites you can contact me on, you can also donate to me here if you would like. My recent uploads notifications will also be posted here as well.

???? @MissLollypop
???? Origin ID: MissLollypopSims
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