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Global National: June 27, 2020 |2 Canadian airlines plan to eliminate physical distancing on flights

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Our top story: Air Canada and WestJet have announced they are planning to eliminate seat distancing on board flights on July 1, as they attempt to recover from the financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as Mike Le Couteur reports, the decision is raising concerns as physical distancing remains encouraged by health officials across the country.

In the , COVID-19 continues to surge across the country, with some states reporting a record number of new cases. Jennifer Johnson reports on how the increasing numbers have prompted some states to roll back their reopening plans.

Protesters in Mississauga, Ontario are demanding answers in the death of Ejaz Choudry, who died after a police shooting in response to a mental health call. Morganne Campbell reports on the calls for change.

Canadian researchers at two universities have begun an unusual study to understand the path of COVID-19 before there's a second wave - they're testing waste water. As Mike Drolet reports, it's a dirty job that could establish an early warning system.

This week, Russia pushes ahead with a referendum on key changes to its constitution which could keep President Vladimir Putin in power until 2036. The 67-year-old has ruled Russia for two decades and as Mike Armstrong explains, critics are calling the pivotal move, a constitutional coup.

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