God Will Turn Your Tears To Testimonies LIKE SNOW - For Supernatural Marriage

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The Lord gave me a prophetic picture in my spirit of snowfall of kingdom couples covering the earth. This is the glory of God. ???????????????????? Even now the Spirit of God is brooding over the prophetic promises of so many of you waiting and praying for #supernaturalmarriage. #divineproposals #kingdomspouse

I sense the Lord is still seeking to recruit and birth yet more of His people into the avalanche release of supernatural miracle marriages which is already in motion. This week alone we have received another two testimonies of engagement and weddings are being planned. In the midst of double lockdown!!!

JUST LIKE God created the snow. For every snowfall each snowflake is individually created and beautifully designed. Same way Gdonsi creating a unique testimony for each and every one of His children trusting Him for a kingdom spouse. This is the picture the Lord has placed in my spirit for your supernatural marriage testimony.

The Father’s heart is to heal you not condemn you. That is why He has prompted us to introduce a new segment of SEXUAL HEALING into this next course “Supernatural Marriage - The Way In” Course begins Nov 7th - Nov 28th, 2020. We shall dedicate 2 additional prayer calls to sexual healing and deliverance for singles and married couples alike Take advantage of our 50% discount offer when you register for the virtual prayer brunch of October 2020.

This early bird price is available to all who register until Sunday October 11th, 2020.

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Get TWO for the price of ONE. Alongside your registration for this event we have agreed with Virtual Girl Social to offer a time sensitive discount of 50% off our signatory course “Supernatural Marriage - The Way In”

Course is scheduled once more for November 2020. Early Bird price available until Sunday October 11th, 2020.

Sign up via link above. Much love always ????
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