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HEY GUYS, welcome to the description box! So this is my “other” inspiring GLMM uwu :

Title : Her Broken Family
Characters :
- The Broken Girl (main lead) : Annabelle Francis ; She is actually kind and loving inside but outside she looks Insouciant, unlovable, broken, bad girl type, she’s not that good with school. She oftenly gets’ bullied for having a bad family reputation. She is normally called as a quarrelsome or combative because she fights ppl but ppl dont know the reason why she does it. [the secret is that she fights ppl who hurts her sick little brother].

- The Broken Girls’ Brother : Andrew Francis ; he is ignorant, doesn’t really care about Annabelle because he thinks that because of Annabelle his reputation has gotten really low. [ he once got her friend to the hospital for taking her back pack ]. He likes to fight and smoke. He is cantankerous.

- Sick Little Brothers : Arlo Francis ; He is adopted when the family didn’t start doing bad stuff. He’s sick but no one other than Annabelle who takes care of him.

Parents : Mr & Mrs Francis ; Mr Francis is an alcoholic, he is a business man soon to be fired for drinking with his crew mates before night and after shifts. He is abusive when he is drunk but he is a sleepy head when he’s not drunk. Mrs Francis is a vet doctor. She is always busy, so most of the time she is not home to cook dinner and take care of the family since she is a divorced and has another family to look after.

The Guy : Dylan Hudson ; a new kid who doesn’t seem to know Annabelles story life but is very curious.

Story : when they were heading to school, Anna accidentally ran into the “brats” and they bullied her because her brother got defeated after a fight. Then after that their maths test was given out. She bought a drink then saw one of the cleaning service and she handed the drink to her instead. But little does she know, someone was looking at her. He approached her and ask where was his class but she didn’t reply and walked away instead. The class president came and helped him and he seems to be interested with her story life. He tried approaching her and all stuff but she looked super annoyed. One day, when she knew she had less money left she had to work. Most jobs doesn’t accept her because she doesn’t have good education. So she decided to work with the neighbor at their maids cafe since they give out decent amount of bill. Anna had to bring her father home from a drinking place at around 1 am and Dylan saw her. People in school then talked about her and rumors has spread more and more. She got called by the principal telling that she could be expelled in this condition. So he insisted that Dylan would help sort herself and her studies. Everyone were talking about them. Then Anna told Dylan to stop being around her before his pride goes down like hers. He then one day saw her working at a maids cafe and that made Anna not coming to school for 2 days until she got a call by Dylan to come to school or she’ll be expelled. On her way to school she saw an old lady with alot of groceries. So she decided to skip the first period of class to help that lady. When she entered the class the teacher was so mad but Dylan had her back.
Long story they grew kind of close and Annas’ grade are kind of improving. They even went to get Anna’s little brother a check up together. Then one day someone posted Anna on her maids cafe outfit. She only knew that Dylan was the one who knows where she worked. She got mad at Dylan and pushed him down. She went inside to grab her bag and leave, buto one of the brats keeps telling her to just get lost and stuff and revealed that the brats were the one who exposed her. She felt guilty for Dylan and searched for him. She found him infront of the cafe holding a teddy bear and she asked why he was there and asked for his forgiveness then he told her that her little brother only has a month left. (he got the news first because when the nurse called her she left her phone in class) they visited Annas’ lil brother and they were sobbing. Anna realised how precious and lovable Dylan is and she started being nice to him. She came back to school and Dylan had her back all the time. Everyone wasn’t talking about her now. 1 month later, she lost her adopted little brother and the family finally reunited. Dylan then confessed his love and how he doesnt care about Annas’ reputation. They dated and had a happy ending. THE END

Songs aren’t mine, credits to owner :

- Lakey Inspired : Days Like These

- Lakey Inspired : In My Dreams

- Lakey Inspired : Warm Nights

- Lakey Inspired : The Process

- Lakey Inspired : Better Days

- Lakey Inspired : Monroe

- Day 7 : Dream Away

- Embrace : Sappheiros

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