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Run if you can, crawl if you must.

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More About Z-GOAT: FIRST BLEAT: In a dying world, Darwina the scavenger will face a new threat.

Darwina : Océane Weyer
The Father : Hugues Hausman
The Beast : Simon Damamme
directed by Julien Jauniaux & Bertrand Leplae
creature design: Erwan Simon, Jérôme O.
special effects: Daphnée Beaulieux, Erwan Simon
- Squid Lab -
director of photography: Julien Jauniaux
sound recordist: Thibaut Heymans
music: Timothy Fife
executive producer: Laurent Meeus
costume design and continuity: Daphnée Beaulieux
sfx and costume assistants: Alexandre Dorlet, Jake Kokot
- Proteus Workshop -
sound design: Nathan Unterberg

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