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How To Play Divinity Original Sin Multiplayer Online Using Tunngle

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This Video shows you how to Play Divinity Original Sin Online Using Tunngle. Tunngle is a Free VPN(Virtual Private Network) Program that allows you to connect to your friends and other players worldwide while making your computer think they are on a Local LAN Network with you. Tunngle makes it simple and easy to find people to play, and the best part is you can use Tunngle for free.

Basic How To Play Guide:
1. Install Divinity Original Sin
2. Update your game to the latest version.
3. Start Tunngle and join the "Divinity: Original Sin" Tunngle Network.
4. Keep Tunngle running and start the game.
5. Either host a game from the menu or create your own.
6. Have fun!
Make sure you tick the LAN Option in the Game settings if you are hosting.

If you have any questions or need help you should head to the Tunngle forums.
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