Johnny O'Keefe - She's my baby

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Johnny O'Keefe - She's my baby #1 1960 , #6 1969
, Born in Sydney on 9 January 1935, Johnny O'Keefe became the undisputed King of Australian rock and roll.

There was little or no rock music scene in Australia, and certainly no Australian rock recordings, prior to 1957, when Bill Haley toured the country. A local band, the Dee Jays with vocalist Johnny O'Keefe, was chosen as the supporting act.
A series of hit records and performances on Lee Gordon's "Big Shows" supporting overseas artists (who often were greeted with chants of "We want Johnny") led to Johnny being given his own national TV show, Six O'Clock Rock, in 1959. The TV show ran until 1962 when Johnny left to tour America (with limited success).
During his career, J O'K had five number one records and ten other top ten hits.
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