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Let's Play Megaman Battle Network 2 - Day 1 Pt 1 - Tutorials Whether You Need Them or Not

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First off, my sincere thanks to all my viewers out there. I still can't believe I've hit 1,000 subs! ; It's quite overwhelming, but in a good way, and I'm thankful to everyone out there who enjoys my work.

It's now time to start up my next video series, Let's Play Megaman Battle Network 2! It always feels rather good to get back to recording after a break, and this was no exception. MMBN2 improves a good bit over its predecessor, Capcom having learned from their first game and fine tuned things quite nicely. Alas, the one change they did NOT make was a question asking if you've played MMBN before, and could thus be used to skip the forced tutorial. oh well. It does at least point out a couple of interesting new details, such as asterisk code chips and the new way the "add" function works.

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"Winner!" - Kirby Super Star Soundtrack
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