Mega March 2021 News Roundup - Mega Man X DiVE April Fools, Proto X8, Legends Die on PS3, & EXE 20th

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DiVE Time:

DiVE Line Stickers:

DiVE "Aril" Fools Page: #

Volnutt Alt. Teaser Trailer:

AR System:

Howling Storm:

Maleficent Hero Trailer:

DiVE Possibly Coming to Steam:

Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter's Field Guide Sample Pages:

Mega Man PS2 Prototypes:

PS2 Prototypes download: (List)

Example of Mega Man X8 Proto Cutscenes:

Sony's Notice of Closing PS3, PSP, and Vita stores:

PS3 CMOS Battery Tweets:

Jim Ryan's Thoughts on Old Games:

Mega Man x Fortnite:

EXE 20th Anniversary Roundup:

Capcom Addresses EXE 20th:
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0:00 - Intro
0:30 - X DiVE Recap
3:22 - X DiVE April Fools Event
14:03 - Rockman X DiVE Coming to Steam?
19:35 - X Maverick Hunter's Field Guide Sample Pages
21:37 - PS2 Mega Man Prototypes
23:29 - PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores to be Closed
32:30 - Mega Man Fortnite!?
36:00 - Mega Man The Wily Wars Cart News Soon?
37:23 - Mega Man Battle Network 20th Anniversary
43:43 - Outro
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