Millions spent on ‘ideological show’ so Paul Barry can ‘run his personal agenda’

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says millions of dollars are spent on the ABC’s “ideological show” Media Watch so host Paul Barry can run his own personal agenda.

Mr Kenny said Paul Barry “toys with the truth” and that he was recently “mischaracterised” by the Media Watch host over a segment relating to an online Twitter poll.

"Aren't we lucky the ABC spends millions of dollars on this ideological show so Barry can run his personal agenda," Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said while the Media Watch host wanted to criticise him, Barry’s team “could have examined how the media had failed to scrutinise Premier Andrews’ curfew”.

“This is a grown man who thinks Twitter is the real world, a grown man who is paid $200,000 by you for 15 minutes of puerile games a week, Mr Kenny said.

“We spend more than a billion dollars a year at the ABC, and no one is in charge.”

Image: News Corp Australia
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