Minecraft Create 0.3.1 Mod Tutorial - How to Make a Sweet Roll Farm Ep 29

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In this Minecraft Create Mod tutorial, I talk about how to make a minecraft create mod sweet roll farm. The minecraft create mod sweet roll farm is super useful as an automated food source when using the create mod. This Minecraft Create Mod Tutorial on how to make a sweet roll farm is perfect for newer players and veterans alike. The Minecraft Create Mod sweet roll farm consists of using a bread farm with a milk farm to make the sweet rolls. It is super useful to take wheat and milk and turn it into the minecraft create mod sweet roll farm. The Minecraft Create Mod is a mod offering a variety of tools and blocks to make your Minecraft world even better!

The Minecraft Create Mod is a mod offering a variety of tools and blocks for Building, Decoration, and Aesthetic Automation. The added elements in the Create Mod of tech are designed to leave as many design choices to the player as possible, where item processing doesn't just happen in a single block.

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Items Needed:
- 2 Portable Storage Interfaces
- 4 Linear Chassis
- 1 Radial Chassis
- 4 Harvesters
- 3 Smart Chutes
- 1 Mill
- 2 Depot
- 5 Vertical Gearboxes
- 3 Water Wheels
- 1 Spout
- 1 Drain
- 3 Tanks
- 1 Mechanical Bearing
- 2 Mechanical Pumps
- 6 Mechanical Belts
- 23 Shafts
- 4 Andesite Funnels
- 1 Deployer
- 7 Chutes
- 23 Cogwheels
- 4 Encased Fans
- 1 Gearbox
- 3 Brass Funnels
- 9 Chests
- 1 Magma Block
- 1 Lever
- 1 Campfire
- 1 Slimeball/Glue
- 53 Seeds
- 6 Water Sources
- 4 Buckets
- 1 Cow
- 1 Hoe
- 1 Wrench
- 1 Seed
- 1 Sweet Roll
- 1 Dough
- 1 Pickaxe

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0:00​ Introduction
0:19 Everything You Need
1:16 How Sweet Roll's Are Made
2:25 Wheat Farm
5:25 Outputting the Wheat
7:25 Making Bread
9:07 Making Milk
13:10 Powering the Milk Farm
14:45 Outputting the Sweet Rolls
15:18 Powering Bread Farm & Encased Fans
16:48 How to Account for Seeds
17:42 Outro

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