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Modern Luxury House | Stop Motion Speed build | The Sims 4 | NO CC

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In this Sims 4 stop motion build video I will show you how to create a stylish and luxurious home for your rich and famous sims. The house has four bedrooms, one of which is perfect for a butler, and four bathrooms. In the backyard there is a huge swimming pool and also a hidden lounge area with hot tub and bar.
Before placing enter the code -
This lot need:
-Eco Lifestyle
-Island Living
-Get Famous
-Cats & Dogs
-City Living
-Get Together
-Get To Work

-Realm of Magic
-Jungle Adventure
-Dine Out
-Spa Day
-Outdoor Retreat

-Tiny Living
-Moschino Stuff
-My First Pet Stuff
-Laundry Day
-Toddler Stuff
-Fitness Stuff
-Bowling Night Stuff
-Vintage Glamour Stuff
-Backyard Stuff
-Romantic Garden Stuff
-Movie Hangout Stuff
-Cool Kitchen Stuff
-Perfect Patio Stuff
-Luxury Party Stuff

-Holiday Celebration Pack

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