Monster School: Stickman In Games ( Minecraft, Roblox, Temple Run, Pac-Man)

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The Stickman decided to arrange a game battle during the main exam at Monster School. ???? But something went wrong… ???? And all the Stickmen were imprisoned in the most popular computer games. Escape from Mario, running away from Pac-Man's jaws, defeating Sonic, fighting Piggy from the get-go and almost losing in the world of Minecraft,and getting into the mysterious world of Temple Run.???? Did the Stickmen manage to win the game? Hurry up and watch to the end! ????

#stickman #minecraft #monsterschool


00:00 — Start a Game!
00:20 – Roblox: Piggy fight
1:10 – Sonic: speed battle
2:13 – Dota II ????
3:37 — Stickmen vs. Minecraft
4:18 – Temple Run is here!
4:57 – Pac-man?! Oh no!
5:38 – Angry Mario?! What next?
6:37 – Secret room ????
7:26 – Game over! ????

Music by Epidemic Sound

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