My High School was Crazy

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As we wrap up our time with the Minecraft x Sonic DLC, I give my condolences to connor6Whoa and talk about some High School stories.

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Minecraft! Yes, the same ConnorEatsPants aka ConnorEatsPants LIVE from SMP Live and Dream SMP! Connor loves playing minecraft with Karl Jacobs, GeorgeNotFound, Tommyinnit, and Tubbo. But this time, Connor plays a new fun Minecraft mod. The Sonic x Minecraft DLC dropped this week with the message "Celebrate thirty years of Sonic with this fast-paced Minecraft DLC! Dash through this 3D runner filled with iconic locations, familiar foes, and the blockiest rings you’ll ever see." This is a huge milestone for Mr. Pants. He loves video games and is a gamer so of course he had to play this video game! This is such a fun epic twitch highlight. You don't wanna miss this intense episode of ConnorEatsPants. We talk about some crazy High School stories, Drake Bell, and Chick Fil A
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