NEW BATMAN GAME - GOTHAM KNIGHTS WB Games Montreal LIVE Reveal & Trailer!

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WB Games Montreal Batman Gotham Knights Reveal + Q&A Panel. Today at 1:25 PM EST WBM will reveal the next Batman Game, the Plot, Characters, Voice Actors and maybe more like a Release Date perhaps. Grab your DC Fandome Bingo Card and let's do this.

What would you like to see in WB's Upcoming Batman Game?

TODAY is BAT DAY. No More Games, No More Clues, No more speculation. The Next Batman Game will be revealed at 1:25 PM EST LIVE straight from WB, like i first reported on June of this Year. The August Reveal happened, just like Kwing said.

Panel's KWING is streaming will be Batman Gotham Knights Game, Justice League Syndercut, Titans TV, Suicide Squad Game: Kill The Justice League & The Batman

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