Non-Euclidean Minecraft tutorial

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A Tutorial how to make Non-Euclidean things in Minecraft

The following mods were used:

Immersive Portals mod:

Pehkui mod:
forge: not yet available

Sodium mod (version that is compatible with Immersive Portals):

better way of making small structures:

Video content:
Graphics settings: 0:30
Potion effects: 0:45
Portal helper block: 1:00
90° Turns: 2:32
Stretched hallway: 3:57
One way portals: 4:58
Spiral rooms: 5:54
Tiny blocks: 7:14
Selectable portal destination:11:10

The Command Sticks are only in the Fabric version, for Forge you can use this datapack:

to get the sticks with this datapack, put the zip file in the datapack folder of your world and once in the world type "/reload" in chat

downloadable maps:
Зарубежные фильмы и сериалы
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