OWN Produces a Black Love Show...but All the Brothas Have Light Skinned Wives...SMH

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Black Love, created by filmmakers Codie and Tommy Oliver, has featured the likes of Tommy and Kirk Franklin, Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe, Styles P and Adjua Styles and more. The trailer for the upcoming season was released to YouTube on Friday (August 14), and a comment from the service illustrates the frustrations of some.

“So in order to be in a loving marriage in African American society, do the women have to be lighter than their husbands all the time? I am from Gabon and do not know American customs, but it is something I have seen on TV often,” read one comment.

Another added, “t would have been nice to see all colors of blackness in this upcoming season and not the typical light-skin wife and dark-skin husband. Black love comes in every shade of black.”

Over on Twitter, that same sentiment has been expressed with some users even stating that some of the cast members for the seasons aren’t even Black. While it does appear that many of cast members appear to be people of color, there might be some merit to the claims that the show’s producers didn’t showcase enough darker hues.

The Twitter account for the docu-series responded to some of the criticism stating their decision to showcase couples where one of the parties isn’t a Black person.

“Hey Ella! We agree. This is why we show Black men and women of all shades in loving relationships – we even show them in relationships with someone who isn’t Black Flushed face And some folks are mad. It sucks. But we still still show US being loved. Because that’s what matter,” read the tweet.

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