Pleasure-way Plateau XLTS vs Leisure Travel Vans Unity Island Bed | Comparison Review

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Is a shorter or longer class B+ motorhome better? It depends on what you do with that extra length!

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Class B+ motorhomes are a niche between their shorter class B and longer class A and class C brethren. There's good reason to go shorter like the Pleasure-way Plateau XLTS which is over feet shorter than the Leisure Travel Vans Unity Island Bed. Shorter means you're more maneuverable and fit in smaller parking spaces. But longer means you have more living and storage space. A lot depends on how you plan to use your class B+ and there's no right answer but in this head to head comparison there is a clear winner.

The Plateau XLTS by Pleasure-way is the shortest class B+ that you can buy in North America. clocking in at only 22 feet 9 inches, it packs a whole lot into this short body. There's a large lounge in the rear of the coach with an electrically reclining sofa, ottomans and a 22 inch TV. It's bright, airy and very comfortable. But, this lounge area also serves as your bedroom so at night you need to lower the sofa and transform it into your bed. In the morning, you need to tear it all down again and return it back to being your lounge. That's the biggest disadvantage of the XLTS' setup. Everything else including its galley and wonderfully luxurious dry bath are top notch. The Unity can't compete with the XLTS' quality and fit and finish.

However, the Unity Island Bed (Unity IB) by Leisure Travel Vans uses its extra length to give you an enormous 60 cubic feet of exterior storage, including pass through storage in the rear. And, it has nearly twice the cargo carrying capacity in its base configuration as the XLTS - so you can fill all that exterior storage without worry. On the inside the Unity IB is not as open and airy feeling and the front lounge feels more cramped. But, the front lounge is permanent thanks to it not needing to be converted to your bed. That's because your bed is in a private room in the rear of the van. That's the best feature of the Unity IB. When you close the door to the bedroom you have a truly separate living area complete with a dressing area and separate rooms for the shower and toilet/sink. It really does feel like a bedroom from a much larger class A motorhome. Additionally, both sides of the bed are open so that someone on one side doesn't have to climb over another person to get into and out of bed. A real luxury.

The XLTS does have a superior 5 year warranty compared to the Unity's 2 year coach warranty and that is something that you need to carefully consider. But, the Unity also offers more available options - many of which are quite useful like 2 point stabilizers or 4 point leveling jacks. Neither of which are available on the XLTS which is a shame because these wide-bodies do tend to rock and sway as you walk about in them.

It's a tough choosing one of these over the other. I love Pleasure-way's quality and their superior electrical system which gives you lithium batteries standard. But in the end people choose class B+ motorhomes because they offer just a bit more than a class B. In the case of these two, the Unity offer quite a bit more over the XLTS. Having a permanent bedroom and a permanent front lounge with loads of exterior storage and cargo carrying capacity makes the Unity a true step up from a class B van. The XLTS is a also a step up but not nearly as big a step up as the Unity. For that reason I have to award this head to head to the Unity Island Bed.

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