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Oh my god who is she
Babe alarm look at her
I subscribe Boxycharm
See that drip soaking wet
Cushion cut got a face
I can’t forget

You can’t deny she’s a hundred percent
How did she learn to be so confident
She’d be expensive if she was a scent
I get compliments on so I’d buy it again
It isn’t in my nature
Fallin in love with total strangers
Sent her link to all my friends and later
They confirmed that stanning was the right behavior

Serving consistently
Her talent sickens me
No wonder she’s got enemies
She’s a masterpiece, she’s a beauty queen
What’s her skin made out of velvet
Why her cheekbones make me jealous
Whatever she talkin bout she sells it passion bitch I felt it
That’s a vibe I want to melt with

#qveenherby #whoisshe #sugardaddy

Director @jediinick
Producer/Color @whatwouldalexanderdo
Creative Director/Editor @qveenherby
Choreography @jasminealyanna
Herby Girls @jasminealyanna @ @madiyvonne
Red Dress + Dripped Shades @letlastyleyou

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