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President Joe Biden has announced that the United States will pull out all its troops from Afghanistan by 11 September. His predecessor Donald Trump had started the process in December 2018, committing to do the same by 1 May this year. In preparation for this, the US organized several rounds of negotiations between the Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government and the Taliban, but hardly any progress has been made. A US withdrawal at this juncture could be disastrous for the people of Afghanistan, have negative consequences for the wider region, including India, and help the cause of Islamist jihad around the world.
There are only about 3,500 American soldiers left in Afghanistan. The last American hostile-fire casualty on Afghan soil was on 8 February 2020, some 14 months ago. Since 2015, the US role has been largely limited to training and support. The war against the Taliban is being fought by the Afghan army, not Americans. Today, US soldiers in Afghanistan are more or less a non-combat military presence, like the 53,000 American troops posted in Japan, 33,000 in Germany, 26,000 in South Korea, and 4,000 in Bahrain. Yet, the departure of US soldiers from Afghanistan this year could have deleterious effects, since even a token number of US troops has high symbolic value. So will their exit.

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