Rustic Triangular Tiny Home // Sims 4 Speed Build

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Today I am building a tiny house INSIDE a roof! Super happy with how this one came out. let me know what you think!
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You can find this build on the Sims 4 Gallery by searching my Origin ID “Gryphi”, the hashtag “#MsGryphi” or by clicking here: TBA

Brooks Bridge Borough
1 Bed, 1 Bath
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Q: What is that red shelf / block you are using?
A: It's an awesome CC shelf by picture amoebae that lets you place items at more precise levels:

Q: How is your game so bright / what ReShade preset are you using?
A: I use a program called ReShade and I used the ZiistelBright preset :)
Tools & Services I use:
Adobe Creative Suite:
Epidemic Sound (Music):

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