San Diego: A Real Hero Takes Action 04042021

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-4-21 2:27 am
LOCATION: 1380 Harbor Island Dr
CITY: San Diego

The driver of a car went off of the roadway and into San Diego Bay off of Harbor Island. The car was on its roof when a Good Samaritan got to the wreck. He immediately called 911 and spoke with Harbor Police.

They told him to not enter the water, but he felt that he had to try and rescue anyone who might be in the water due to the car being submerged. He did not find anyone and the first responders showed up. 2 sets of wet footprints were found on the road leading away from the bay and towards the Sheraton hotel across the street.

An SD City Lifeguard diver went into the water and did a search of the car and the surrounding water to see if anyone was ejected. A Harbor Police diver went in to hook the car to a tow truck so it could be hauled out.
There was some oil and gasoline spilled into the bay.

The Good Samaritan (Mike Koesterter) is no stranger to helping people in need. He is the Captain of the “Time Machine” commercial fishing boat on October 22, 2018, he, along with his son saw another boast explode 5 miles away from his position out to sea. He went to the pleasure boat that was fully engulfed in flames but found no one on the boat. he called the Coast Guard and as he was heading away from the other boat, he could hear screaming in the water. They pulled 15 people out of the water. 3 people did die in the fire.
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