She Ain't Perfect, She's Rock and Roll | Klipsch Heresy Review

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Heresy IV:
Safe and Sound:
...It's Rock and Roll | Klipsch Heresy Review

Time Stamps:
00:00 Start
01:08 The Heresy
03:08 High Sensitivity
05:31 Treble Impressions
08:57 Midrange Impressions
10:24 Bass Impressions
12:23 Soundstage Impressions
13:52 Final Thoughts

Sound Clips:
Crossing the Streams:


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Q Acoustics Concept 500:
SVS Ultra:
SVS Prime Pinnacle:
Elac Debut :
Elac Unifi UF52:
Elac UF5:
Triangle Borea Bro 8:
PSB Alpha T20:

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