She is - Solid State Society OST

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Track name: She is
Track Number: 7
Album: Solid State Society OST
Vocals: Gabriela Robin
Composer: Yoko Kanno

she is way
see shu teto
el ku shun tu hail
she is te
she has ke tu wei
e ju to ju to

ku ha mite
ju se tu la me
ison lo se ti tu

di has na
she is shu te tu ton ti hel

is so te fal yu

Is she this way?
See her shoot it home
inhale consume to hail

She is the way
She has kept the way
Hey to told, to told

Could have been (a) tale, to say to let me
kiss of laws set it to
the has not
she is shooting the toll to hell
to set to follow you
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