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The past few weeks have been full of speculation for Sims 4 after a game pack icon leak, game pack dlc hints on twitter (future cube and mysetrious sim guru tweets)--and today I'll tell you my concept for not a star wars game pack but a space game pack that includes hydroponic gardens, dome living, and alien animal species. This is a concept, research based wishlist for a game pack were it to be future / sci fi/ space theme.
I do expect the next 2020 dlc for sims 4 to be announced and a new game pack trailer to be dropped soon. In addition, I am hoping for base game updates, keeping my eye out for a skin tone overhaul, and wondering if we may get a second pack--perhaps a farming or generations expansion--before the end of 2020. No doubt it would be nice to see updated babies where babies are not objects; cars, spiral stair cases, and family gameplay. Most of all, I'd like glitch fixes since the sims 4 game is broken for many of us.
Stay tuned to my channel for sims 4 news, info, prediction, guides, and even things like best sims 4 pakcs, dlc ranked, and wishlists. I also cover paralives news and info.

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