Supernatural - Avengers Endgame Credits Style (Main On End) (Part 4)

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The time as arrived. Supernatural has ended, I'm very thankful for ALL 15 years of the show. This show means alot to me and I'm grateful to be apart of #SpnFamily.  Without Supernatural and Smallville the CW would not be where it is today, they paved the way for other shows on the CW.

Now I'm thankful for all 15 years but that don't mean I like all 15 years because I have said it should have ended after season 5 or 6 but at the same time I am happy it went on.

So, with that being said I leave the cast and crew and the SPN fans this video, the Avengers Endgame Credits Style. Only 45 spots to fill and alot actors unfortunately couldn't make the list.

Here's how I do my Avengers Endgame Credits Style ranking.

1. How popular the character was to the fans.

2. How revelant they were/are to the show.

3. Trying to tie them into the same spots as the original characters in the Original Avengers Endgame Credits.

4. How much I like the character and/or actor.

Avengers Endgame Credits Style (Giovanni):


For people wondering where and how I did this, I did this on After Effects and I had three videos help with me.



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