THE B.I.G. A. Black Love Stories, Rltnshps & Cultrl Diffrncs w/ Deborah Lively & Her Gh Love Akwasi

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The A or Black Integration Grow Africa will presents In this video the cultural likes and differences of Africans in America and Africans in America that are in relationships with Ghanaian Mates. Plus, what's it like to have been or lived in Ghana.

As all African people integrate and repatriate back to the land of our Ancestars, we have to break down the walls of communication and comprehension to have long lasting healthy relationship. S with one another as we create this black love magic.

Living My Best Life In Ghana hosted by Powwah and Phu'Cha, want to welcome Deborah Lively and Her Kingman Akwasi (Charlie) Adjei from Ghana from her channel, Livelyview.

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