The Complete Diablo Series Critique and Retrospective

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Stay a while and listen. Yo wait forty minutes?

Diablo is a series that's crucial to PC gaming and the action rpg in general. It's so big that someone you know probably played it. Crazy.

Diablo deserves critique for more than its multiplayer element, however, and this analysis looks at the series as a singleplayer game, including how it establishes atmosphere, how it evolved over time, how its narrative impacts the gameplay, how the core design shifted from simple video game to online service, and more!

As always, we get a little heated, a little enthymematic, but you know, even when I'm dogging on the games I think I love each of them for different reasons.


The extremely brief history of Diablo: 00:00
Diablo 1 is the purest expression of the concept: 2:23
A serious look at Diablo 2: 11:30
Diablo 3 vanilla - a rough but flashy start: 26:46
Diablo 3 post-expansion - the frickening: 40:55

Resource thank-yous!

This excellent remix
Neo Crysis and a very short clip of his gameplay:
This person's looping fire background, bless up:
Mark and a very brief clip of his gameplay:
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