The Newest G.I. Joe Game: Operation Blackout

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Check out Operation Blackout today on PS4 and Xbox: Thanks to GameMill Entertainment for sponsoring this video.

Mike and Ryan talk about Joe: Operation Blackout. It's a team-based third-person shooter where you play as your favorite characters from Team Joe and Team Cobra. Experience the action from both sides as you help Joe restore order and lead Cobra to world domination. In the base game, players can take on roles of 12 characters from the Joe Team or the Cobra Command, including Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Duke, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Destro, Baroness, Cobra Commander, and Zartan, in two Sonic Adventure 2-style story modes: one where players control the protagonists, and one where players control the antagonists. Players can play the story missions with another in local split-screen co-op, or compete in up to four-player player versus player local matches in four multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag, Assault, King of the Hill, and Deathmatch Arena.

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