???? The Warrior Princess ???? ORIGINAL I GCMM I Gacha Club Mini Movie

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Sorry for being dead for a while I'm just really busy I'll fix the description later

I know it's impossible but I hope it reach 600,000

The story is all about the crowned princess (Candice Maccain) who will lead the Kingdom Zemera someday. She is a responsible princess, she cares about her kingdom and her people because Candice is devoted to sacrifice her life for the Kingdom that she will serve. But, one day before her coronation day someone attacked their kingdom and it is the Moonlight Kingdom. The Moonlight Kingdom has been jealous of the Maccain family because of its wealth and how people respected them unlike them, their kingdom is full of hate. The King of Moonlight Kingdom (King Claudius) decided to attack them. They killed a lot of innocent people. And of course, Candice saw her parents getting killed by the knights of moonlight kingdom. She grew hatred from them a pain that carved in her heart. Out of anger, she tried to protect her parents but her maid stopped her because she knew that she can't fight them especially without any fighting experience like the others. So they decided to run away but in the end, they've been chased by the Moonlight kingdom knights. Her maid sacrificed her life just to protect the precious Princess Candice she adored. Candice saw how her maid's body has been ripped apart. Sadness and anger filled her heart she knew that she can't do anything and just hopeless. Not until masked knight from the Moonlight Kingdom saves her But why? Why would a knight from the Moonlight Kingdom betray them? Or is he a knight?
A mysterious masked knight helped her escape.
Candice decided to avenge those people that she cared for and disguised as a knight of Moonlight Kingdom

How can she avenge those people that she love!?

Join Candice on her big journey!

And who is the guy behind the mask?
Find out on my mini movie called "The Warrior Princess"

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