Three Days of Darkness Starting on Easter Sunday??? PART 2

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Hello Brothers and Sister,

Also watch this video in which more confirmation is given:

Thank you for watching with me for our Redeemer's return! How excited I am to see what happens this weekend!

I hope this video will bless you. We are in the final days before our Heavenly Father gathers in those that belong to Him.

If you would like to support God's Roadmap financially, you can do so at the following link and we thank you if the Lord leads you to do so:

Not only are we seeing how the world economy is being brought to its knees, but the Temple of God - our bodies - are being attacked by an enemy who wants to put his image inside God's Temple to show himself that he is god.

Keep your eyes on our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and do not submit yourself to the lies of the enemy whose main goal is to steal kill and destroy.


Series about Understanding the Rapture - VERY IMPORTANT TO WATCH!!

Video of this sister in Christ sharing about the 3 days of darkness:

I, Pet Goat 2 animation:

Salvation video at the end:

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