{time stamped} The Self-Inflicted Gaetz Apocalypse & More!

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(NOTE: The time stamping is only approximate until this evening. Sorry!)
0:00 Welcome! Taking your questions.
8:00 (Not a reading.) Matt Gaetz did what???
10:00 Will Matt Gaetz be arrested and convicted of soliciting prostitutes?
21:30 If so, were any of them under age?
24:30 Will Matt Gaetz flip on other perpetrators?
26:30 Will Matt Gaetz stay in office?
28:30 Will Matt Gaetz be arrested and convicted of campaign finance violations, fraud, or something similar?
33:30 Will Matt Gaetz go to prison for a short stay/Club Fed or for a long sentence?
35:30 Does Matt Gaetz flip and that lead to the fall of many high-powered politicians?
42:00 Overloaded Reading: An overview of what is going to happen in the Matt Gaetz debacle.
51:30 Will Matt Gaetz pass on “early?”
53:30 Will Trump be pulled into Gaetz-like legal jeopardy?
1:02:00 Will this open MAGA eyes at all?
1:05:30 Will Florida turn blue in ‘22 as a result of all of this coming out?
1:10:00 How is the Queen doing?
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